AcroYoga Workshop

AcroYoga is a playful and challenging practice that blends elements of acrobatics, yoga, and healing arts. It is a community practice that emphasizes fun, creativity, strength, playfulness, agility, and trust.

This 2-hour workshop is the perfect opportunity for beginners to discover the basics of AcroYoga. We will start with a yoga-based warm-up to prepare our bodies for the more challenging poses to come combined in a so called dynamic “flow”. This is where the real fun begins! Flyers will start to soar into the air, while bases and spotters work together to keep them safe and supported.

The atmosphere in the workshop will be one of cooperation, trust, and encouragement. We will close session with a short wind-down, massage/stretching moment.

This workshop is open to beginners of all ages, no prior experience with AcroYoga is necessary. You can come alone or with a partner (or with as many partners as you wish).

Instructors: Juana & Sasha

Juana is a certified Pilates teacher and has practiced Acroyoga since 2019 and Sacha since 2015. Together they teach a regular acroyoga/partner acrobatics class at the Zaltimbanq’ circus school in Luxembourg.

26 November 2023, 10h30 to 12h30

50€/ 40€ subscribed members