Capoeira Workshop

Immerse Yourself in the Rhythmic World of Capoeira

Step into the vibrant world of Capoeira, a captivating blend of martial arts, acrobatics, and music that originated in Brazil. In this 2-hour beginner's workshop, you'll embark on a journey to discover the essence of this rich cultural heritage. Under the guidance of an experienced Capoeira instructor, Jenipapo and team, you'll master the basic movements of Capoeira, including the ginga, the fundamental swaying motion that forms the foundation of all other techniques, basic kicks and dodges, gradually building your strength, flexibility, and coordination.

Capoeira is inseparable from its soulful music, which sets the rhythm for the dance-like movements and guide the flow of the roda, the circular gathering where Capoeira is traditionally practiced.

This workshop is ideal for anyone eager to experience the world of Capoeira for the first time, regardless of age or fitness level. No prior experience is necessary; we'll provide you with all the guidance and support you need to embark on this exciting journey.

04 February 2024
14h00 to 16h00

35€/ 30€ subscribed members

Taught in French/Portuguese