Mom & Baby - Post partum workout

This class is designed for all new moms, who want to get fit while bonding with your little one!

Stay Active & Social: Enjoy low-impact toning and stretching exercises adapted to utilize your baby carrier. The class will engage all major muscle groups and address the unique needs of postpartum recovery.

Focus on You & Your Baby: From six weeks postpartum onwards, this class is the perfect way to gradually rebuild your core and pelvic floor strength while connecting with other moms in a supportive environment.


Safe and effective postpartum exercise routines.

Rebuild core and pelvic floor strength.

Socialize with other new moms.

Improve emotional and physical well-being.

Get moving, reconnect, and feel your best with this Mom & Baby workout.

⚠️You can bring your stroller and let it downstairs carrying the baby upstairs with the baby carrier.
👶From 6 weeks to 12 months.

Instructor: Valeria Fatteri @valefit_in_luxembourg

Room: Nature Room (upstairs)